Introduction to Safest Choice Eggs

Have you heard of Safest Choice eggs? I hadn’t till a few weeks ago and I am really glad that I did. You see, Safest Choice Eggs are pasteurized eggs, so you can eat them raw or undercooked and not worry about Salmonella. No more worrying about sunnyside up eggs sending you to the hospital. That’s awesome, because I really love scooping up the gooey yellow liquid with my toast. I also love having my kids in the kitchen mixing cookie batter and dipping bread in eggs for French toasts.

I talked with their representative to find out more. The research into making eggs safer by pasteurization started more than 20 years ago. The process is theoretically the same as milk pasteurization, meaning, they pasteurize (heat) the eggs to kill the bacteria. The cool part is that they do this without actually cooking the eggs. I find that totally fascinating, but, I don’t care how they do it, just that they do it.

Safest Choice eggs look and taste like regular eggs, there is no difference. Safest Choice eggs are not organic, but they are humane and cage free.

The refrigerated shelf life of Safest Eggs is 60 days, double the standard shelf life of 30 days. I asked them if they can’t just pasteurize it until it has a shelf life of, say, six months. She said that quality would start to degrade after a while, but not safety. You could extend longer, and quality goes down but not safety.

Finally, after they pasteurize the eggs, they give them a coating of wax because eggs are extremely porous and they want to prevent any bacteria getting back inside the shell. It is a food-grade wax, and it is such a thin layer that you hardly notice it. I think it is an excellent safety enhancement.

In an ideal world we would all have a few chickens in our backyard, and eat fresh eggs every day. I have a post about that. But that doesn’t prevent salmonella either, you are never sure where it can come in from. So, these Safest Choice eggs are excellent if you want superior protection against salmonella. It is perfect when you have young children at home, or people with medical conditions. It’s not that much more expensive, maybe two dollars more per dozen. If you have a family of four, a dozen eggs gets you two meals, costing you two dollars a meal with Safest Choice eggs. That’s a good deal for peace of mind.

Want to know if your local grocery store carries Safest Choice Eggs? Check out their store locator link. If your store doesn’t carry it, print out this form from here and take it to your grocery store.  I have 2 coupons to give away and each coupon entitles you to a dozen free Safest Choice Eggs.

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  1. Ohhh these would be great for pregnant ladies like myself! Oh how I miss my runny eggs. I worry that pasteurizing kills nutrients, though. Do you know anything about that?

  2. Rashmi says:

    Based on the information given to me and info on their website, the pastureization does not kill any nutrients. So eat away!


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