Is Fruit Juice the new Soda?

Like many people, I thought juice was healthy and full of vitamins so I drank a glass several times a week in the morning . This was great till I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes in my first pregnancy and learnt so much about nutrition in the process.  One of the first things I had to give up was juice.  Granted juice is full of vitamins, minerals, and is an easy way to eat fruits, but it is also very high in sugar even in its natural form without any sugar added. Furthermore, one glass of juice could have the juice of 6 oranges but if I was eating oranges by itself then I doubt I would eat more than 2 in one go.

Now the doctors, scientists and public health authorities have stepped up their efforts to reduce the nutritional value of juice perception as it turns out the 100% fruit juices pose the same obesity related health risks as coke, Pepsi and other high sugar beverages.  According to the Fruit Juices Article:

The human body is ill-equipped to process the sugar that is concentrated in a glass of juice. When fructose is eaten in a piece of fruit, the liver has time to convert it into chemical energy but if you overdose on fructose as you would in a glass of juice, the liver gets overwhelmed, and the fructose turns to fat”.

Compare the nutritional value of an orange with orange juice and you will notice how much higher in sugar and crabs the juice is.  Keep in mind, the serving size we are looking at is half the bottle that you buy in an individual serving from a vending machine or the 7-11. Etc.

Nutritional information for 1/2 serving of Orange Juice

Nutritional Information for Orange Juice (1/2 serving)

Nutritional Information for an Orange

So what does this mean?  Limit the consumption of juice in children to several 2-3 times a week instead of daily. Pursue other alternatives for juice; this is definitely another post topic, so come back.

What do you do in your household?  In ours I hardly drink juice, perhaps one or twice a month and I offer juice to my 2 year old maybe once a week or once in two weeks. Most of her fruit intake is from actual fruits and her liquid intake is water and milk.

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