Is “This Is The House That Jack Built” book stinky?

First reaction when I saw this page in a book I was reading to my daughter  – wow.. so many varieties of cheese for the kids to learn Heck, even I learnt about “Port-Salut”.  I had never heard of Port-Salut till then.

When I looked at the page further, I kept thinking – why on earth would any kid want to eat any of these cheeses – except for one they are all portrayed as smelly, stinky or yucky!  This was a great opportunity to teach the kids about the different types of cheese but the Caldecott Medalist Simms Taback missed the mark in his 2002  “The House That Jack Built” book.

Putting a picture of different cheeses and labeling them as ‘yucky’ sends the kids a wrong message’ Worst is, ‘American Cheese’, which is your typical processed cheese food product in little plastic wrappers, is labeled as ‘yummy’.

The kids will just feed off the yucky label and making it difficult for parents who already have to constantly deal with getting their kids to eat healthy. In our home no food is yucky as I find that it is important to tell the kids that so they can grow up with a diverse palate.

Well we returned the book back to the library the next day even though the book has fun illustrations and is a fun read for the kids. When I showed “Port -Salut” to my 4 year old daughter at our next grocery shopping trip, she was so uninterested, her response – “mummy it’s yucky!” Oh well this is a cheese battle we will have to deal with.

Am I overreacting here?

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