Is your working making your children unhealthy?

Here’s one more thing for the working moms to worry about and feel guilty.  A recent study of 12,500 families in UK indicates that children of working moms tend to trend towards leading unhealthier lifestyles. They have much higher consumption of soda, TV and video games and get less exercise than kids whose moms stay at home.  On one hand it makes logical sense, working moms are too busy trying to juggle so many things that sometimes it is easier to have the kids watch TV so they can do some house work.  On the other hand, it makes you feel really guilty as a working mom, not only do you miss out on those childhood moments as the kids grow up, but also now your choices in life are making your kids unhealthy.

All moms have the best interest of their children at heart regardless of whether they work or not.  The difference comes in how close your extended family lives and how supportive they are and how much money the household has.  Stay at home moms in addition to being at home, generally have better access to other moms and support system so they are able to learn tips, tricks etc…to keep kids healthy.  One of the things I will accomplish through this blog is to help the working moms with organization and planning on how to get healthy meals on their tables because being healthy doesn’t necessarily require more time, I think it often requires knowledge and organization.

See the Good Morning America segment on this study.

What do you think of the study?  What do you think of this post?

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