July 4th Treats from Magnolia Bakery

Did you know that July is Blueberry Month? Sometimes I feel that every week or month is xxxxx week or yyyyyyy month.  Every month

it feels like we have some celebration going on. Oh well, I guess that’s life. I do love July for several reasons. It is Summer! I love the unscheduled days, I love that both my daughter and I will be celebrating our birthdays this month, I love that the days are longer so we get to do more activities together, and finally, I love that summer means eating more fruits and light foods.

But July is also our Independence Day! A time to spend with family and remember all that this country has to offer. July 4th is also about food, it’s about the BBQs and about the

If you are in LA you might want to consider the dessert spread from Magnolia Bakery for your July 4th celebrations. They have created cupcakes just for that. Also for the month of July they will have their Blueberry products — Blueberry pie, Blueberry Jamboree, Blueberry crumb Muffin and now that’s yummy!

Do you like Magnolia Bakery? What are your favorite bakeries?  What will you be eating on July 4th?


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