Kerrygold – Eat Me, I’m Irish

What are you eating and drinking on St. Patty’s Day?  Try Kerrygold.  Kerrygold is the Irish brand behind some of the most delicious butter and cheese. I was first introduced to Kerrygold in early 2012 and since then Kerrygold products are a staple in my home. Everyone in our family loves the taste of Kerrygold butter and cheese.  Let me tell you more about Kerrygold:

It really does come from cows that eat grass all day long.

Ireland has one of the longest grass-growing season so the cows in Ireland graze on grass for more than 10 months of the year. Whenever I see Kerrygold products, it reminds me of happy cows grazing lush green grass. The result high quality milk that makes delicious and high quality butter and cheese.

Ireland’s farming practice is truly all natural.

Prior to 2012, I would see Kerrygold products while grocery shopping but since the Irish packaging didn’t have any of the “marketing” words that most American consumers look for (organic, grass fed etc..), I would stay away. Big mistake!   Once I started learning more about Kerrygold cows, I realized Kerrygold cows are the cows we want for all our dairy products.

Irish treat their cows well.

Irish cows live in small herds that have lots of room to roam. Calves are born in spring just in time for the lush grass-growing season.  Did you know that 80% of the agricultural land in Ireland is lush pasture?

Here are some of the ways we eat Kerrygold butter in our home:

–       Spread over warm bread. Yummy! Our favorite way to eat Kerrygold butter.

–       Make ghee (Indian clarified butter).

–       Make crepes

–       Add to plain pasta and mix in some fresh herbs.

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