Knott’s Berry Bloom Festival Recap

Knott’s Bloom festival is going on now for the next 12 days. It runs  from April 12th through April 27th at the Knott’s Berry Farm.

There is a Boysenberry Festival going on at Knotts, where you can taste all kinds of food prepared using Boysenberry. Did you know that the family behind Knott’s brought Boysenberry to the market?

Walter & Cordelia Knott’s (founders of Knott’s Berry Farm) original roadside Boysenberry Stand is recreated for the Boysenberry event, from which you can purchase an authentic boysenberry plant like the one in the picture below. The plants go for $14.99.



Wondering what a Boysenberry is? The answer lies below:


During the Berry Bloom festival, Knott’s has a 6 dish tasting card for $20. This is a great deal  to taste many of the Boysenberry inspired dishes.


We tasted the following:

My review of some of the dishes we tasted:

1) Corn with boysenberry butter -the best thing for the day! Boysenberry butter is really delicious and it makes a delicious combination with corn.

2) Boysenberry punch — yummy! Boysen along with its cousin berries! So tasty.

3) Spicy Boysenberry BBQ Wings — spicy and tasty. I am not a big fan of wings, so I couldn’t eat more than 1 wing.

4) Sweet Potato with boysenberry butter — another great combination. I really wish boysenberry butter was available in the market.

5) Jalapeneo stuffed with boysenberry cream cheese and covered with chocolate. Interesting combination. I liked the kick and the crunch the pepper had.

6) Turkey with boysenberry glaze and so many more dishes – boysenberry churro, boysenberry deep fried ice cream, waffle on a stick and the list goes on.

#KnottsSpring festival also has a fun lineup of shows and rides for the family.  There is a wine tasting event also. We had a blast! Thanks @Knotts.



Get yourself to Knott’s over the next few days it’s a blooming good time!


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