Knott’s Berry Bloom Spring Festival 2014 is ready for you


For 2 weeks, beginning April 12, Knott’s Berry Farm is celebrating its Spring Bloom. A few highlights of the second annual Knott’s Berry Bloom are:

– Ghost Town Boysenberry Festival. You can purchase authentic boysenberry plant and preserves. Did you know that the Knott’s Berry family sold Boysenberry from the original stand?
– Ghost Town filled with treats smothered with boysenberry glaze and cooked on open-air barbeques throughout the streets of the festival.
– Western themed games with a boysenberry twist on the Old School Road.
– Meet some of the high-spirited members of the ghost town. You have to read my post on the Knott’s Halloween Haunt. 
– Lots of live and interactive entertainment.
– Last year’s guest favorite, Beagle’s Enormous Egg hunt for the kids.
– ….and much more.

The star of this Bloom Festival is Boysenberry. Boysenberry was the Rolling Stones of the fruits of its era. It was grown abundantly in CA in the 1950s. With time, the acreage declined. Now, boysens are hard to find. You can find them at a few Farmer’s Markets from May through July. Boysens are delicate berries and have to be consumed right away. 

I will be at the Bloom festival. I am eager to taste Boysenberries as I have never eaten them before. I am also looking forward to seeing my kids reaction when they eat it for the first time.

More details about the Bloom festival can be found here You can for tickets. 

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