Make your own instant frozen pops

Frozen pops made with Zoku

Frozen pops made with Zoku


I am really looking forward to trying this product out in the next few months.  I know that this is probably the wrong time to post on a pop maker especially since most of us in North America are freezing in some capacity or another. But this Instant pop maker from Williams-Sonoma looks awesome.  It is similar to the ice creams makers where you keep them in the freezer for 24 hours or you could permanently keep them in the freezer and use it as you need it.  Once the base unit is “frozen”, you can add anything you want – natural fruit juices, yogurt, cut fruits etc. You can create multiple juices and create a layered frozen pop.  Once the juices have been added it takes about 7 minutes for the pops to freeze!  Voila!  Ready to eat!

I cannot wait to use this product next month at a playdate I will be hosting for my daughter.  This should be a fun activity for the kids to do and it is perfectly safe as there’s no electrical outlet. I will post our creations when we use it.

This Zoku Quick Pop Maker is exclusive to Williams-Sonoma and sells for $49.95. It is cheaper to use plastic molds and put it in the freezer overnight, but if you want to make instant popsicles with your children in a few minutes this is the way to go.

Check it out at Williams-Sonoma!

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