Mango Kulfi (Mango Indian Icecream) Frozen Zoku Pop

A fond memory of growing up in India was spending summer with my grandparents.  Every day while we were at my grandparents home – the ice-cream man or the ‘kulfi wallah’ would come by, and all the cousins would run out to get some kulfi. It was a treat for the kids and the elders in the family indulged us. Kulfi is basically Indian ice cream, unlike western ice cream which is whipped, kulfi is slow cooked milk that is frozen to make frozen custard. As a result, it is dense, it is rich and it is so delicious. Kulfi comes in a variety of flavors such as– plain (caramelized milk), pistachios, mango, rose etc.

I am missing home and there are a few things that make me feel good when I feel this way – ‘biryani’ (chicken pilaf) , kebabs, ras malai (another Indian dessert) and kulfi. So I made some today to feel closer to home and it was pretty damn close to what a traditional Indian kulfi tastes. Of course I couldn’t slow cook the milk to make it – that’s where the difference in flavor comes in. The combination of the nuts and cardamom and mango makes it a healthy quick version of the traditional kulfi.

Try it! I think you will enjoy it!

Makes 2 Zokus

1 oz Mango pulp or Mango juice ( I used Ceres Mango Juice)

1 oz milk (I used whole milk, but you can use cream, soymilk)

1.5 tsp sugar

5 pistachios

2 cardamom pods

Indians love Mangoes… and

Mix the mango and milk and sugar.

Using a mortar and pestle coarsely grind the pistachio and cardamom seeds.

Add to the mixture and fill in the Zoku Maker.

NOTE: These frozen pop recipes will also work without the Zoku Maker.

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