Many many flavors of Goldfish Crackers

Did you know that Goldfish crackers are originally from Switzerland?  I was surprised to learn that given that it is such a staple in most if not all US Households with children. They were introduced in 1962 to the US market. They have so many flavors, no wonder everyone finds them so yummy.

Check out some of the available flavors:

Original, cheddar, parmesan, chocolate, pizza, ranch, cinnamon, cheese trio, and flavor blasted goldfish.  The flavor blasted goldfish crackers include – jalapeno cheese, salt and vinegar, racing ranch, BBQ Cheddar and many others.

Did you know that more than 75 billion pounds of goldfish crackers are consumed every year? Now if only Pepperidge Farm can use organic ingredients or no MSG. Perhaps they should look into making spinach goldfish or tomato goldfish etc using natural flavoring.

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