More quick dinner ideas/recipes

My favorite magazine once again gives me ideas and tips to keep my life organized and simple.  Real Simple just published the reader voted  Top 20 recipes of 2009.  These 20 recipes include a variety of options such as Pumpkin Cream Sandwiches, Quick Lasagna, Chicken Quesadilla Pie, Glazed Salmon with Broccoli Rice, Curried Rice with Shrimp, Easy Key Lime Pie, Roasted Salmon with Potatoes and Mushrooms, Chicken Curry in a Hurry, and Easy Ice Cream Cake.

True to Real Simple’s philosophy these recipes are quick and easy to make.  Except for 4 recipes, the  recipes require 15-20 minutes of hands on time.  Of the 4 remaining recipes, 2 are desserts and they only require 10 mins of hands on time. These recipes make it easy for working parents to put a healthy balanced meal on the table that everyone will enjoy.  Click on the link to see the recipe details.


Pumpkin Cream Sandwiches, Quick Lasanga, chicken quesadilla pie, glazed salmon with brocolli rice, curried rice with shrimp, easy key lime pie, roasted salmon with potatoes and mushrooms, chicken curry in a hurry,easy ice cream cake.

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