Mozzarella Fig Breakfast Panini

I will be the first to admit that this picture does not do the breakfast Panini justice. You hardly get a glimpse of what the filling is. But I have to admit, I have a special spot for this picture as my 3.5 year old took this picture, she set the plate with the Panini, got the background, tried to play with the lighting etc. etc. and eventually took the picture.

This breakfast Panini was a hit. It’s amazing how a few changes in the ingredients and using a panini maker instead of a regular sandwich can make the breakfast go from blah to wow! We are in Panini mode at the moment – I try to use it atleast once every other day. It took 4 ingredients and a Panini maker (If you don’t have a Panini maker, you can easily make this grilled sandwich on a pan or in the toaster oven) to make this yummy breakfast (makes 2 sandwiches).

4 Slices of bread of your choice
3 slices Mozzarella Cheese
6 Dried figs or cut fresh cut figs
Butter or cooking spray to spread on the bread


1) Preheat the panini maker or the stove grill.
2) Cut the mozzarella cheese into small slices and place them on two of the bread slices.
3) Top the mozzarella cheese with cut dried figs.
4) Place the other breadslices on top of the cut figs.
5) Spread some butter on the top bread slice. Place the sandwich into a Panini maker and wait till the sandwich is golden and crisp.


1) Use fresh fig, or fig preserve for the panini. Using fresh figs is a healthier option as dried fruits tend to contain more sugar than fresh fruits.

2) Use other fruits — strawberries or any other favoraite preserve.

Ways kids can help in making this:

1) Under our guidance they can press the panini maker. It is amazing to see their reaction when they see the soft spongy bread turn into crispy gooey heaven!

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