My daughter’s write up in Online Kiwi Magazine

I am soooo proud of my daughter. Check out her writeup on  I feel so honored to be her parent :). She’s becoming quite the chef. In 2013 I think she will be blogging her own recipes.


  1. Awesome! Congrats to your daughter! Of course you deserve quite a bit of credit yourself for being such a great example.

    Rashmi, I love your website. Right up my healthy alley!!

    <3 Lauren (Ailish & Julia's mom)

  2. Rashmi says:

    Awwwww… you are too kind Lauren.

  3. Anjali says:

    This made me grin! How awesome is that! You’ve passed on your talented cooking genes to your lovely daughter. Congratulations to both of you! xoxo

  4. Rashmi says:

    Thanks Anjali! Planning a trip out to the east coast this year. Hope we are able to connect in person when we are in NYC.

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