My quest for H1N1 vaccine

Today I was determined to get my H1N1 vaccine, as I am trying to mitigate other risks with my pregnancy as I am quickly becoming a high risk pregnancy with a possibility of having a preemie.

The vaccines were going to be given from 9 am so I decided to get there earlier and got there by  7:30am.  By the time it was 8 am, there was utter chaos as the health administrators had pulled the pregnant women into a separate line.  They only had 60preservative free vaccines and since they turned away many pregnant women yesterday these women got priority today.  Imagine that! A priority over a priority.  When I got in line I was number 12-13 but due to prior priorities, my new friends that I made while waiting in line and I got moved to almost 40-45 in line.  We thought we would still be okay.  As time went on, more and more people got added to the front of the line.

Apparently some people started waiting in line from 4:30 am.  Sarah Chalke, the actress from Scrubs who plays Dr. Elliot was the first person in the whole line, got there at 4:30am.   I was a little surprised to see her there, I mean she is a working actor, maybe not an A lister but she has been on TV for atleast a decade and she couldn’t get access to H1N1 through her doctor?

Anyways 3 hours later my mission was accomplished.  Along the way we got shuffled to 55th spot in line (don’t quite know how that happened), had a lot of laughter with some lovely women, and made some new friends.

My advise to all you pregnant gals, if you plan on going to a vaccination camp is to get there early, be patient, take a hat, take some water, take some sanitizer, take some food, take a chair, and take a book.  Eventually your turn will come.


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