Need Weekly Menus for Children?

Ever run out of ideas on what to feed to your little ones?  Looking for some way to plan out a week’s menu for your children?  I really like this menu planner site by Gerber!  It plans out weekly menu based on the age of the child ranging from supported sitter to a preschooler (See a weekly menu for Simone below).  I love the concept as it is a very helpful tool for parents, especially working parents.  The menu (and they have several weekly menus) covers the entire week and includes breakfast, snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner.  This site also prints out a corresponding shopping list for the entire week’s menu.  Again a great concept and a very useful tool,

BUT there’s a catch….

The menu is heavy on Gerber packaged products – GRADUATES MINI FRUITS, GRADUATES SMART SIPS, GRADUATES JARS, GRADUATES FOOD TRAYS. This makes sense as the menu is provided by Gerber.

I am not a big fan of packaged meals or frozen meals, especially for children.  For me, if it comes from a jar, or it is a frozen meal, I would avoid feeding that to my child unless  absolutely necessary. However, everyone’s experience, time commitment to making meals and comfort levels are different. However, in this case the Gerber brand is pretty respected in the marketplace, so I am OK with their quality.

The menu does offer the breakdown of the frozen meals for children etc., or the jar food you are giving so the way I would use the menu is more as a guide to help me put the food together to give my child the variety in their meals. Instead of giving my daughter the meal tray, I would try to cook the components of the frozen meal and serve it!

Check it out!  It’s one way to get some inspiration on what to feed your kids.


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