No time for breakfast? Give your kids a banana!

Well  this is certainly no news that mornings are chaotic in every household and more so in households with kids. It is also no news that 4 out of 10 children miss breakfast in the morning.

The problem with children not eating breakfast is that they have no ‘juice’ to fuel their brain and muscles. Not eating affects their performance at school.

So it turns out that eating a banana is one of the quickest, easiest and affordable way to provide glucose and essential nutrients to fuel the brain and muscles. A banana can give the kids energy – vitamin B6, folate, fibre and potassium.  (Check out a previous post on Orange vs banana)

There are lots of quick healthy options that you can get kids to eat in the car on their way to school

–          Grilled Cheese

–          Hard boiled eggs

–          Make your own breakfast bar (recipe coming soon)

–          Make your own trail mix

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