Not all children sunscreens are safe for kids

I know this blog focuses on what we should feed our children, research around childhood nutrition, children recipes, basically anything that can help parents raise healthy children. Good sunscreen is vital for the health of your child.

Most parents struggle to get their kids to wear their hat, and t-shirts and put sunblock on. Well new research shows that hats and wearing clothes that cover your body are the best protection against the sun.

Not all sunscreens are alike.  Oxybenzone an active ingredient in sunscreen is a hormone disruptor and can interfere with an infant’s growth. The sunscreen you use matters a lot for children because they have a larger surface area when compared to their weight and their bodies have not developed enough to eliminate the chemicals.

.  Here’a a list of the top sunscreens for children

  • UV Natural Baby Sunscreen SPF 30+
  • Little Forest Sunscreen Lotion for Babies and Kids, SPF 30+
  • Caribbean Solutions Sol Kid Kare Natural Sunscreen SPF 25
  • California Baby
  • All Terrain KidSport Performance Sunscreen, SPF 30

Here’s a list of the sunscreens you should stay away from:

Sunscreen Reason
Banana Boat Baby Max Protect, SPF=100 Does not protect against damaging UVA rays.
Hawaiian Tropic Baby Crème Lotion SPF 50 Does not live up to its advanced spectrum coverage hype
Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection SPF 55
Panama Jacks Natural Baby Sunblock Contains Oxybenzone a potential hormone disruptor.
Banana Boat Ultra Defense Sunscreen Stick SPF 50
Baby Blanked Tender Scalps Sunscreen Spray for Babies SPF 45+

Notice how most of the bad ones have baby in them? Don’t see your sunscreen in this list? Don’t worry you can check it against the EWG’s database.

In general you should use the following guidelines for buying sunscreen for kids:

Ingredients Oxybenzone
Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate)
Added insect repellent
Titanium dioxide
Avobenzone or Mexoryl SX
Products Sprays
SPF above 50+
Broad-spectrum protection
Water-resistant for beach, pool & exercise
SPF 30+ for beach & pool

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