Ode to Julie and Julia

I recently watched the movie Julie and Julia and I loved it. As someone who loves to cook and make healthy meals at home,  it was definitely a treat  and not to forget the incredible acting.  Something else happened to me while I was watching the movie,  I actually got inspired to cook and promote kids food recipes from around the world on this blog.  So, I am going to try out popular recipes for children from around the world for my 2 year old daughter and share our experiences in this journey on this blog under the recipes from around the world series. My main goal in doing this is to bring is to have parents introduce different tastes to our children as the world is increasingly getting smaller and flatter.

I cannot imagine that one of the first foods we give children around the world is avocados.  You don’t even get avocados in so many places!  If you the reader are from another part of the world please drop  me a line letting me know what you feed your children in your country/region.

Our first experience in trying food from a country will be blogged later this week so come back!

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