Olives a great finger food and school lunch idea

The first time I saw a little girl in my daughter’s preschool eat olives, I was shocked. Not only was the 2.5 year old eating them but she was actually playing with them. She had a pitted olive on each finger and she kept eating the olives one by one. Till then I had never considered giving my daughter olives because I thought that she wouldn’t like the briny flavor. Shortly after watching the little girl at my daughter’s preschool I offered olives to my daughter and boy did she love them! Everywhere we went for months after that, she would ask the host if they had olives and would ask to get some so she could eat some. Olives are now a staple in our home. I take Simone to the olive bar at the grocery store and she fills her olive stash on her own. Btw, Whole Foods has an incredible Olive Bar. Olives are very addictive; their slightly salty briny flavor is yummy.

I have also discovered that olives make for great a addition to a packed school lunch as well as finger foods. When we are on the road or eating outside, I will often ask for a side of olives so Simone can have her fix.  I especially do this when I get my subway sandwiches. I always get the olives on the side. The pictured olives were given to Simone during a recent Hawaii vacation.

Olives are safe for children and can be given to children. However since they are salty you either buy a low salt version or control the intake of the olives.

Did you know that olives are fruits?

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