On the go snacks from SolBites.com — perfect snack for school

Kids going back to school this week? Mine starts Kindergarten tomorrow and I am nervous, excited and sad at the same time. This is a new chapter in her life but oh.. I am so going to miss my baby. She grew up too fast.

We have been so excited about school starting, that we have been planning for days.

  1. Outfit for the first day. Check.
  2. Lunch boxes for the first day. Check.
  3. Menu for the first week. Check.
  4. Tissues for mama. Check.

One of the things I am nervous about is whether my kid will eat her lunch and snack properly. Kids get about 40-50% of their calories and nutrition during the school hours, so I want to make sure that she eat enough and eats healthy during the school day. One of snacks I will be putting in her snack box is the  butter (almond butter, peanut butter, chocolate almond butter) and jelly cracker snacks from SolBites.com.

(Picture: SolBites.com)

Check out our review of these products below. For more information about nutrition and availability, check out SolBites.com

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