Orange vs Banana

My 2.5 year old eats these small tangerines by the box, although I have tried to feed her more bananas. I started to wonder which of the two popular fruits is healthier.

Here’s how they compare across important nutrients such as Fiber, Vitamin C, Potassium, Folate and Vitamin B6:

Nutrient It’s good because… Orange Banana Winner
Fiber Fills you up 3 gms 3 gms Both
Vitamin C Builds healthy skin and joints 70mg 10 mg Orange
Potassium Helps muscles and nerves work properly 250mg 500mg Banana
Folate Builds healthy nerves 47 mcg 24 mcg Orange
Vitamin B6 Keeps you happy and your brain alert .08 mg .43 mg Banana
Calories 62 calories 105 calories Depends
Sugars 12 gms 14 gms Both
ANDI Score 109 35 Orange

Bananas have more energy and are easier to eat, mash up and combine with other foods. I know one mom who has great success with broccoli because she takes pureed broccoli and mixes in some banana. The kid likes the texture and it is a bit sweet. Hey, whatever works.

Bananas help you gain weight so if you are trying to have your child gain some weight give them some bananas.

The answer: They are both really good for you.  Much, much better than junk food.

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