Persimmon Plum Puree

What do you get when you puree a persimmon and sweet emerald plum together? A delicious puree that reminds me of fall colors. It also tastes just as delicious and so perfect that it can served at any meal to the infant.

Persimmons are difficult to find (see here for what’s available in your local markets). In California they are available October through Early February and personally I love them! They are my favorite fruit at this time of the year.

Persimmons are great for you, they provide us with important nutrients such as beta-carotene, Vitamin C and potassium. Majority of the Persimmons grown in the US are grown in California.

You could just puree the persimmons itself as serve but I like mixing flavors to keep introducing the child to different flavors and textures so here I have a persimmon and sweet plum puree.

I used the Fuyu variety of Persimmon for this puree. Fuyu Persimmons are round and firm and you can eat them when they are firm or soft. I learnt the hard way to not use firm Hachiya Persimmon for puree as it has high tannins making it unpalatable. I originally made the puree a few days ago using firm Hachiya Persimmon and my 10 month old wouldn’t eat it no matter what. I took a bite and I realized how awful it tasted.

Luckily when I served him the persimmon puree again, this time using Fuyu for the puree, he loved it and completely finished a bowl.

Here’s how to make this puree:

1 Persimmon

1 Sweet emerald plum

Remove the skins, and puree. Eat as it, or mix with oatmeal or as a sauce for pancakes.

If you find them in your area, you should consider giving it to your infant.


  1. Rashmi, how much better to feed this to your baby than store-bought baby food! But if I were feeding it to a baby, not much would make it into the baby’s mouth–I’d be eating it! Yum!

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