Plum Strawberry Mint Puree

This puree was so delicious that my hubby and I  took some from my 8 month old baby boy’s bowl to use as compote for the French toast we had for breakfast today. I know I feel guilty taking some of his food away, but he had enough 😉 as he was using the puree first as a dip for French toast and when he got done with the French toast he had the puree as is. This puree wasn’t overly sweet but the combination of strawberry, green plum and a leaf of mint made this absolutely delicious.  Green emerald plums are very sweet and are crisp and crunchy. I see them at the local farmer’s market at this time of the year and they have become a hit in our home.

I am also now introducing my 8 month old to different herbs and spice.  I added 1 mint leaf so that the puree had the flavor of mint but did not overwhelm the taste. Here’s the recipe for the puree:

6 medium sized strawberries

1 small green plum

1 mint leaf

Puree everything and serve.