Pregnant Women and H1N1 vaccine

Like everyone else I have been anxious to get the H1N1 vaccine to protect myself during my pregnancy and to protect my 2 year old from getting H1N1.  I must admit it has been very frustrating to track down anyone in Los Angeles and its vicinity who has the preservative free flu vaccine as well as the preservative free H1N1 vaccine.  No luck with the flu vaccine despite calling almost 30 places, , pharmacies, pediatricians etc… it appears that they have either all run out of their supply or are waiting for it to come in.  This makes me wonder if we are living in a developing country.  This is supposed to be the land of plenty.

However, today my husband called and said that the Los Angeles county health department is offering their H1N1 supply for the local residents at a few select locations with priority given to high risk people such as pregnant women.  I arrived 2 hours after they started giving the vaccine and by then all the pregnant women vaccine had been used.  The frustrating thing about the whole situation was that there were no signs telling people where to go, how long the wait is and pregnant women and folks with little kids were just waiting in blistering heat for hours.  There was so much media present at the location that it was crazy.  People were waiting for up to 2-3 hours in line with no end in sight.  The thing I found annoying was that guys in their 30s were waiting to get it.  I thought that was a little weird considering they are not in the high risk category or perhaps they are due to other factors and needed to wait in line.

After waiting in the blistering heat for 30 mins, I finally flagged down a guy who was working there and asked him how long the wait was.  He looked at me and said, we are out for pregnant women come back tomorrow.  Tomorrow we are going to put you in a separate line.  Let’s see how it goes tomorrow.  I hope some of you who are pregnant are not having such a hard time getting the flu or the H1N1 vaccine.


  1. At least a hundred persons in our city have been infected with the H1N1 virus. I was very scared to get infected with this disease during the pandemic:”,

  2. admin says:

    Me too. I was pregnant at that time and was really nervous. I am glad that things are now under control globally!

  3. H1N1 is not so deadly at all but it really scared the hell out of us ..

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