Protein Recipe Ideas

I don’t focus on perfecting the protein/carbs/fat ratio getting each meal balanced but rather that over the course of the day the kids are eating the correct amount of protein, carbs and fat.

Want to know how much protein your kid needs? Check out this link on CookingLight.

The amount of protein needed is a function of the kid’s weight. For my 4+ year old I need to give her .35 gms of protein/lb. So for her weight that’s about 13 gms of protein daily.

13 gms of protein is a breeze. Here are some ideas for protein:

–       1 cup of milk has 6-7 gms of protein
–       1 egg is 6 gms of protein.
–       Beans about 7-10gms of protein
–       ¼ cup nuts around 5-9 gms of protein
–       Want more protein ideas for your kids?  Check out this link for yummy recipes.

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