Pumpkin Walnut Cream Cheese Spread

Come middle September all I start seeing everywhere are pumpkins. Throughout the year we generally don’t eat pumpkin but with fall in full swing we definitely start eating more pumpkin – whether it is pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie.  Here’s a quick bagel or bread spread you can make to add a little variety to your breakfast routines. I love flavored cream cheese but they are generally very expensive and making flavored cheese is quite simple but just requires a little bit of time – like say 2mins literally.

Pumpkins are great for you as they are rich in potassium and a rich source of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is what keeps kids’ skin bright and eyesight sharp. Pumpkins are also a great source of Vitamin A, which helps in bone growth. Finally pumpkins are also high fiber.

Walnuts are a nutritional powerhouse as they are a great source of Omega 3s as well as protein. Omega3 are the most important and critical ingredients that can help boost brain and cognitive development in your child.

Wow! What a healthy way to start your day and it only took a spread!

Here’s the ingredient list:

½ cup organic canned pumpkin puree ( I used an organic can from Whole Foods)

½ cup whipped cream cheese ( I used the one from Trader Joe’s)

¼ cup walnuts

Add them to a blender together and mix or mix by hand. You could add a little water to help mix it. Try it for breakfast and watch your kids and family be surprised.  Save the extra in the refrigerator for next time.

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