Raising Healthy Eaters – Secret #2

My heart melts every time my 15 month old says “Boucci”. “Boucci” is the first thing he eats off his plate when it is served during meals. If he sees “Boucci” in the steamer he reaches over and tries to grab some. He loves his “Boucci” or Broccoli and I am a proud mama for that. He loves his “Boucci” by design.

From the time he started eating solids, I have made sure that he eats his greens daily. I serve Broccoli at home about 2 times a week and now as a family we all love it, including yours truly, who in broccoli eating years is a toddler herself(See my about me section for more info).

Which brings me to my Secret #2 for raising healthy eaters – Keep Serving the Food you want your kids to eat.  Because the more you serve it or have it in your home, the more likely the kids will think it is normal to have the food at home.

In my son’s case he ate Broccoli puree when he started solids but I think the real introduction to the vegetable came when he started eating finger foods and that’s when I started serving it more and each time as a different recipe.

The interesting behavior change was my 3.5 year old daughter who till fairly recently did not eat broccoli. When I started making it more – she went through the various stages to finally get to where she is:

1)      Refusal straight away – she wouldn’t let us serve some to her plate.

2)      Serve some but won’t eat – we would put some on her plate but she wouldn’t eat it.

3)      Family pressure builds – watching her brother, mother and father eat Broccoli finally got through to her that may it’s not all that bad. She took her first bite.

4)      For the next few weeks she would take a bite or two but no more and we wouldn’t put any pressure on her to eat beyond a bite.

5)      A few weeks ago on her own – she picked it up and said I am eating the flower (the broccoli flower)… Viola!

We are still at the Flower stage but she now consumes more of it. I am thrilled that they eat their greens as this was one of the hardest green to get my kids to eat. Are there greens that your kids really love? How did you get them to develop a taste for it?

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