Rambutan & Coconut Sauce

This breakfast absolutely tastes as good as it looks. With summer here, light tropical flavors are the way to go. There’s something about eating/drinking tropical flavors, because as soon as you take your first bite, you are immediately transported to your favorite tropical island.   The last few days we have been eating Rambutans  (Thanks to Frieda’s) around the clock. We have been eating them plain, eating them with shaved chocolate, soaking them in martinis, eating them in pie and this rambutan coconut sauce.

My kids ate Rambutan for the first time and they loved the fruit. We did a video on my daughter’s first experience with Rambutan which I will post soon. I love introducing my kids to new fruits and vegetables because every new fruit and veggie in their makes them want to try and accept new things at the dinner table.

Wondering what Rambutans are?  Well they look like this picture– so at first thought they look like sea urchins, but these things are pearls of joy in your mouth. They are extremely popular in southeast Asia. Rambutan, means hairy in Malaysian, and although the best way to eat them is plain, you can add them to salads, drinks, smoothies, sauces etc… In the US, you will most likely find them in your local Asian store.

Image Source: friedas.com

I made a rambutan coconut sauce to go with waffles for breakfast and boy did it taste incredible, very subtle flavor. My 18 month old couldn’t stop dipping his waffle in the sauce and kept saying ‘’buuuutan”.

Trivia for today – Did you know Frieda’s was the first one to introduce Kiwi to America back in 1962? Kiwis were originally named “Chinese Gooseberry” and they renamed it to Kiwi and now Kiwis are a common household fruit.  So in the near future rambutan might be a common fruit in US households.

Here’s the recipe:


7 whole rambutans

1 tsp vanilla essence

½ coconut milk

3 tbsp. unsweetened shredded coconut


1)      Dry roast the shredded coconut on a pan on medium heat for about 30 seconds till the coconut shreds turn golden/brown and release a wonderful aroma. Set aside.

2)      Cut the rambutans in the middle and peel the skin. Remove the pit from the fruit center.

3)      Combine coconut milk, rambutan and vanilla essence in a blender and blend the mixture for about 20 seconds. You want to keep rambutan pieces in the sauce. If you have turned it into a puree then add small pieces of cut rambutan to the pureed sauce.

4)      Serve with pancakes and or/ waffles. I made pancakes using the Multigrain Pancake/Waffle Mix from Trader Joes.

5)      Top off the sauce with the dry roasted coconut.



  • You can use canned Rambutans for this recipe as canned Rambutans are easier to find in the US.
  • You can adjust the quantity of the Rambutans in this sauce based on your taste preferences.
  • You can include half Rambutans, half mango in this sauce and it will taste just as great.
  • In addition to topping the sauce off with roasted coconut you can add almond slivers.




  1. Now I need to go find some rambutans! This looks incredible.

  2. I love Rambutans – especially fresh – they’re so sweet, juicy and fragrant! I love that you incorporated in your breakfast!

  3. Krista says:

    I have been looking for an alternative to syrup fir my children. I will definetly be trying this. Thanks!


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