Raspberry Coconut Cake

If you are a reader of YumKid.com, you will probably notice that I don’t post a lot of baking recipes. While I can whip up a 5-course meal for 20 people in no time, I am a novice baker. My baking repertoire is limited to a CookingLight’s Banana Bread recipe that I started baking several years ago, but now I have added another recipe to my collection.

After looking at the Coconut Raspberry Cake recipe in the December 2012 Cooking Light’s magazine issue for several days, I decided to challenge myself to make the magical cake as my dish for Thanksgiving Dinner at my friend’s place.

On Thanksgiving day, I went to the grocery store to get the ingredients. I am such a novice at baking that I found myself in the seafood section looking for Cream of Tartar as I thought it was the Tartar Sauce that you eat with Fish and Chips (I am still baffled that I thought that :)) .  Back from the grocery store with no backup dessert should the recipe fail, my 5 year old and I started baking.

This is what I will always remember about baking my first real cake. I will always remember this cake as the first cake my daughter and I baked together. She helped in mixing, measuring, adding the ingredients and spreading the frosting. While doing these activities together, we talked and talked about every topic imaginable. She sang the lyrics to Gangnam style (Me shocked! I didn’t think Kinders would know about Gangnam style), she talked about how grateful she is for everything she has in life while simultaneously asking me for a dog for her doll (seriously??), she talked about her love for school and how her Kinder teacher is the best teacher in the whole world, and finally she talked about new recipes she wanted to make.

We were having so much fun baking and talking that the cake was ready in no time. It looked perfect and the instructions were easy to follow. The end result was this beautiful cake that everyone at dinner had seconds. Here’s my proud 5 year old cutting “her” cake for everyone at Thanksgiving:

The delicious yummy recipe can be found here.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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