Recipe: Applesauce Pomegrante Zoku

Today I was rooting around in the fridge, trying to see what I could make for a nice dessert, when I came across some pomegranate juice. I had some small apples on the countertop, so I thought, hey, Apple Pomegranate Zoku.

This actually turned into a bit of a lesson for me. I cut up an apple and blended it but ended up with applesauce. It was a lot of work trying to blend it, which is why I recommend a really powerful blender or at least one with opposing blades. I could have just used applesauce and been done with it.
I wanted a layered effect so I planned on pouring in the apple first and then the pomegranate.

I put 2 oz of the applesauce into the Zoku first and let it sit there. After about 5 minutes I started to pour 2 oz of pomegranate juice into the Zoku but was only able to pour about half of it, or 1 oz in. That’s when I realized that the applesauce had expanded to 3/4 of the Zoku instead of just half. I poured in what I could and sat back.

The Zoku was not fun. The pomegranate was quite tart, it should have been sweetened. The applesauce was naturally sweet but as you all know by now, some sweetness is usually lost when you make Zoku and so you have to compensate for it by adding some sweetener.

So here is what the recipe should be:
1.5 oz applesauce, sweetened to taste
2 oz pomegranate, sweetened to taste

First put in the applesauce and let it freeze for about five minutes. Then add in the pomegranate. Enjoy!


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