Recipe: Banana Almond Zoku

Banana Almond Zoku

Banana Almond Zoku

I took a break from Zoku for a few days only to find myself really craving it today.  So here’s a new banana Zoku recipe – that was a hit with everyone in the family. The Banana Almond Zoku was a rich sugary (from the bananas) pop  with pieces of crunch in it. If you like Bananas you will like this recipe.

Ingredients: (Makes 3 zoku pops)

4 oz milk (whole milk, 2%, goat milk, soy milk – you pick)

½ medium sized banana

½ teaspoon sliced toasted almonds


1)      Add everything in a blender and blend it for 15 seconds.

2)      Add the mixture to the Zoku Pop Maker and fill it to the line.

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