Recipe: Cardamom Beetroot Zoku ice pop

Cardamom Beetroot Zoku Frozen Pop

Cardamom Beetroot Zoku Frozen Pop

I love my Zoku! I wanted to try out something different today, so I rooted around in my fridge to see what I could use to make a delicious Zoku ice pop. I came across some beetroot. Beets are great for you in many ways.. they are good source of calcium, iron, Vitamins A and C, folic acid, fiber and manganese. Beets are a deep, luscious red that is very appealing to the eye, and I was sure that I could make a great looking Zoku pop with it. Also, beetroots are a rich source of natural sugar, so I figured the sweetness in the Zoku would come from the beets.

The beets I used were steamed and in a sealed plastic pack from Trader Joe’s, but you can steam the beets at home if you like. The beet root I had was in shape of a small ball, the size of a ping pong ball. Once I pureed it, it was 2 oz of beet root puree. To that I added 2 oz of vanilla soy milk. Then I did a bit of a test. I separated the 4 oz into two containers of 2 oz each, and to one, I added some crushed cardamom. I then put both containers into individual slots in the Zoku.  Simone, the hubby and I anxiously awaited the results.

The verdict? The cardamom beetroot Zoku ice pop tasted fantabulous, but it sure could use a bit of honey or a sweetener.

I now realize, after making Zoku several times, that even if the mixture tastes sweet, freezing the mixture in the Zoku takes away some of the sweetness. So you should consider adding some agave nectar(my choice) or honey, or even sugar syrup to the mixture so that the ice pop has some sweetness to it.

Recipe for Cardamom Beet Root Zoku ice pop

(Makes 2 Zoku ice pops)

One small beet root, steamed, enough to produce  2 oz of puree

Two oz of vanilla soy milk (substitute with milk if you prefer)

A dash of crushed cardamom seeds (cardamom is pretty overwhelming, so take it easy!)

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