Recipe: Cheese Toast – the fun breakfast

Cheese toast with a smily face

I love breakfast!  It is my favorite meal of the day. We often eat breakfast for dinner. Breakfast in our home can mean anything from frittatas, omelets, filled puff pastry, cheese toast, cracked wheat porridge, oatmeal, breakfast quesadillas, breakfast smoothies, cottage cheese with fruits, pancakes, crepes, steamed rice dumpling etc… The same breakfast is cooked for the entire family and breakfast is made every day regardless of everyone’s schedule.  The things that are different for Simone are:

1)      The shapes of the things might be more kid friendly i.e. pancakes would be smaller in size or in her favorite butterfly or flower shape.

2)      She can pick her toppings for oatmeal, pancakes, cheese toast etc.

This is one of our quick go to recipe – Cheese Toast. Who doesn’t love cheese? This recipe is a great way to also include some veggies as part of the cheese toast.  Usually, when you order a grilled cheese sandwich all you get is two slices of cheese between 2 slices of bread and some butter in it.  Since most people love cheese this is great way to include some veggies and get a head start on the daily veggie requirement.

This recipe is inspired from Indian scrambled eggs where you add tomatoes, onions, green chili (optional), cilantro, and Indian spices.

Recipe: (Makes 2 cheese toasts)

1)      Cut a small onion/shallot into small pieces

2)      Cut a small tomato into small pieces

3)      Cut a handful of cilantro into small pieces

4)      Add the chopped onions, tomatoes and cheese to a slice of whole wheat bread.

5)      Put it in the toaster oven till the cheese melts (should take about 2-3 mins).

6)      Garnish with cilantro leaves.

7)      Optional: You can add salt, black pepper and your cheese toast is ready to go.

I like mine with some lime juice  – it’s tangy!

The beauty of this cheese toast is that you can add any veggies to any type of bread you want to and garnish with any herbs, thereby satisfying all the palates in the household. This is a very quick recipe. You can make cheese toasts from the beginning till the end in about 5 mins.

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