Recipe: Cinammon Almonds

Cinnamon Covered Almonds

Cinnamon Covered Almods

If you like nuts you will like this recipe.  If you don’t give your kids nuts then you should give them nuts as nuts are a great source of omega 3 (the good stuff for brain and heart) and protein (especially if you are a vegetarian).

Unless your child nut allergies in which case this recipe is a no go.  But nuts make a great snack and keep the tummies filled longer.  Because of the cinnamon in this recipe, it is great to eat these nuts on days the kids have bday parties to go to. Cinnamon has a natural tendency to lower blood sugar. So a few of these nuts should help with the sugar rush.

Here are the ingredients:

1 cup whole e almonds

1 tablespoon ground cinnamon power.

Toss the two together and shake such that the almonds are covered by the cinnamon powder.

The Verdict: Simone really enjoys this snack. I have observed that children really like cinnamon powder. Its probably due to the its natural sweet flavor. Did I already mention that this dish is a great appetizer for parties?

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