Recipe: Coco-Choco Lovers Zoku

Coco Choco Zoku

Coco Choco Zoku

I wanted something very rich and creamy today and so I combined some favorites, coconut and chocolate, to make this Zoku. I love Chocolate.. there was a time in my life when my day started with chocolate pancakes and ended with chocolate martinis.  Now a days, I am happy with a few bites of dark rich chocolate during the day. This Zoku  is all natural, but it is healthy only in moderation! This recipe takes a bit of time but is worth the wait.

Luscious Creamy Coconut Chocolate Zoku

Ingredients (Makes 1 pop)

1 oz Heavy Cream

15 coconut shavings, approx 1 tbsp, cut into tiny pieces

1 oz milk

¼ tsp agave nectar

¼ tsp chocolate powder (unsweetened but not bitter)


Take the coconut shavings and cut them into the smallest possible pieces with a scissor. Then take all the ingredients and blend until smooth. The coconut shavings will stay intact but that is OK because they should be cut into very tiny pieces. Pour the mixture into the Zoku and think nice thoughts. There will be a bit of the mixture left over, so either drink it or toss it.

I loved this Zoku, it was rich, creamy, chocolatey and coconut-y.  But it was so rich and heavy that I could only eat half and shared the other half with my husband and my sleepy daughter had a few bites.  She loved it but then which kid doesn’t love chocolate?

Have you tried any interesting Zoku recipes?  If so, please share…

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