Recipe: Cucumber Tomato Cracker Sandwiches

I love tea parties. I love the pretty place setting, the cute little sandwiches, the delicious scones and the yummy fruits, but the thing I cherish the most is the bonding with my female friends ( I have yet to go to hi-tea with my husband! ).  One of the things I am looking forward to as Simone gets older is to have tea-parties with her.

Here’s a quick recipe inspired by the cucumber sandwiches often served during hi-tea.

Cucumber Tomato Cracker Sandwiches

Cucumber Tomato Cracker Sandwiches

It is very simple to put together. Here’s what you will need:


1 Box of Water crackers. You can use any cracker you want.  I got the Water Crackers from Fresh & Easy but every grocery carries plenty of options.

1 medium Cucumber cut into thin round slices

1 small tub of Whipped cream cheese

1 Tomato (Roma) cut into thin slices or you could use cherry tomatoes as kids generally prefer Cherry tomatoes.

1 small bunch of mint leaves


1)      Cut some cream cheese on one cracker.

2)      Place a slice of tomato

3)      Place a slice of cucumber on top of the tomato

4)      Garnish with 1-2 mint leaves.

5)      If you want to make a small cracker “sandwich”, place another cracker on top of the cucumber and you have a cracker sandwich.

Optional : if you want you can sprinkle some crushed black pepper for adults. Although the taste by itself is refreshing and you don’t really need it.

This snack has become our go to recipe for playgroups, school snacks and family snack.  As part of a project at my daughter’s co-op preschool, I did a food project where the children got to touch, see and smell herbs (mint) and spices (cardamom, cumin, cinnamon, black pepper, vanilla bean) first and then make their own cracker sandwiches with any spice they wanted on top.

A few kids sprinkled cinnamon on top of their cracker sandwiches but most of them had seconds and thirds. It was great to see them put their snack together and eat it.  They really liked the taste of mint – it’s so refreshing!  One kid put it the best after eating a few cracker sandwiches, “smell my breathe!  It’s so fresh!” He’s was so proud of it.

This is a great recipe to get your kids involved in making something.

As we are getting into the hotter months I know I will be using it a lot more.


  1. What a cool and simple recipe for a quick snack! And I love the project you did with kids at school where they got to touch and play with the ingredients. Just the other day, I enrolled my 4 yo daughter to help me make an omlette. She had fun whisking the eggs and spreading cheese over the omlette. She was so proud that she ate it all up after she had me cut it into small pieces shaped like triangles, squares and rectangles.

    Playing with food and getting them involved in preparing works – no doubt!!

    I am adding your blog to the Links page on my blog.

    Good luck!

  2. Childrensvoice says:

    I have to make a cheese and cracker platter, for a competition, and when I read this recipe, I knew that this would get me first place. I have tried this and I really enjoy it, and it is very easy to make, and hopefully I will win the competition.

    Keep them coming!

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