Recipe: Cucumber Tomato Sandwiches

Life has become extremely busy in our home now with a demanding crawling infant and a preschooler who started school recently. Now the recipes should be prepped in shorter times.

Sandwiches are fun. I love making sandwiches for children. When kids come over, I serve several toppings and let kids make their own sandwiches. Kids love it! The very act of making their own food, makes them want to eat it too. I like the versatility of sandwiches – you can eat them for lunch or you can eat them as snack. Here’s a fun sandwich recipe that was a hit with both adults and children today. We used cookie cutters to cut them into fun shapes for Simone and she devoured her lunch after school

Ingredients (makes 3 sandwiches):

½ medium sized Cucumber

1 medium tomato

A small bunch of mint leaves

Cream cheese

6 Bread slices of your choice

Freshly ground black pepper (optional)

Salt to taste (optional)


1)      Slice the cucumber into thin slices. I used a mandolin to slice them.

2)      Cut the mint leaves and stems into small pieces.

3)      Cut the tomato in small thin slices

4)      Spread the cream cheese on the bread.

5)      Add the cucumber, tomato, mint. Sprinkle some salt and black pepper.

6)      Place the other bread and use a cookie cutter if needed to cut the sandwich into a different shape.

7)      Voila! Enjoy.

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