Recipe: Dino (kale) Juice – Great for Kids!

Kale Mango Smoothie

Dino Smoothie

I have been trying to incorporate Kale, the new super food,  into our diets.  Often, I try to substitute it for spinach in a recipe.  Yesterday I was inspired to make a smoothie.  I generally don’t make juice or smoothie because you tend to “drink” a lot more fruit than you would if you were to consume the fruit.

I was curious to see how Kale would taste as a smoothie, so I made a smoothie of kale leaves and mango pulp. I didn’t add any sugar as mango itself has quite a bit of natural sugar. The outcome was that the juice was very green as expected, but the bitterness was nicely masked by the sweetness of the mango. It tasted better than it looked, but young boys may be drawn to the yucky-color factor anyway.  It was yummy and creamy and I named it Dino Juice when I gave it to Simone.

The verdict:  Simone liked the taste and drank about half the glass.  Since the juice was thick, she used a spoon to drink it as a cold soup.  Simone also used it as a dip for the parmesan chips I made yesterday.

I think it is worth a try! You should definitely consider introducing Kale into your child’s diet. You could make juice/smoothie by blending tropical fruits together with Kale.

Here’s how I made the Dino Juice:

A small bunch of Dinosaur Kale leaves

Mango pulp – you can use canned mango pieces or fresh mango.


1)      Remove the stem from the kale leaves by breaking the leaves from the stem.

2)      Add Mango as per taste

3)      Blend away!

4)      Pour into glass, and give to child. Make sure you call it ‘Dino Juice’. Put a dinosaur toy next to it for maximum effect.

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  1. Vera says:

    I wonder if using a peach, apple, or apricots might taste just as good.

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