Recipe: Dover Orangelicious

With a 3 week old and a toddler in tow, cooking is definitely very hard right now.  I think I spend almost 5 hours a day breastfeeding…. so  now I really want to cook healthy food for my toddler that can be cooked very quickly.  Here comes Dover Orangelicious – this recipe took me less than 5 minutes to make.


Dover sole fillets or use any white fish fillets

Salt and black pepper to taste

All  purpose flour to dust

1 tbsp of olive oil or a little butter if you like

1 orange


1)       Sprinkle salt and pepper on the fillets

2)      Coat them with all purpose flour on both sides

3)      Heat up a pan and add oil.

4)      Cook the fillet on both sides for 2 minutes on each side.

5)      Remove from pan and squeeze orange on top of it.

Note:  Instead of orange you could put pineapple juice on top of it also or any other fruit juice that your child likes.  This way it is easy to get your children to eat fish if they generally don’t prefer eating fish.

The verdict?  Simone asked me, “mummy, can you make this for me again?”.  I think that says a lot for how yummy this recipe was.


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