Recipe: Frozen Yogurt with Raspberry Jam Zoku

Zoku has become our Playdate snack in our home.  Every time we have a play date I let the kids make and put their own Zokus.  They love it!  Which kid doesn’t like frozen pop?  Even better which kid doesn’t like pop that they have created? When the kids get their Zoku, there is silence in the room as they all sit down and try to eat it before it drips everywhere and   It was very simple and quick.  It was a frozen yogurt zoku with the jam of their choice mixed in it.

Here’s the Recipe (makes 2 zokus):

2 oz Plain Greek Yogurt

2 oz water

3 tbsp Jam


Hand mix the yogurt, water and jam. Fill the Zoku till the fill line. Once set you are ready to go.

(Camera card reader MIA.  Will upload picture soon)

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