Recipe: Grapefruit Cream Zoku Pop

Grapefruit Cream Zoku Pop

Grapefruit Cream Zoku Pop

When I think of Grapefruit, I squirm as I am reminded of how tart the fruit is. I occasionally eat grapefruit in a goat cheese grapefruit salad, but after today’s pop recipe, I will eat it more often.

Recipe: (makes 2 zoku pops)

3oz Grapefruit juice

1 oz heavy cream

1 teaspoon Agave Nectar

1/8 teaspoon lime juice


Mix all the ingredients and fill the Zoku pop make till the fill line.

Verdict: If you love Grapefruit or if you like things a little tarty you will LOVE this pop.  If tart doesn’t work then add a little more agave for a delicious pop. I made 3 different flavored pops tonight but this Grapefruit pop flavor still lingers in my mouth as I write this.

Simone had about 2 bites and said no.  She tends to prefer crispy and savory things.

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