Recipe: Grapefruit Orange pop: A little tart a little sweet

Simone eating Grapefruit Orange Pop

Grapefruit Orange Pop

I wanted to try something different. Lately we have been doing a lot of cream and milk based recipes. Simone and I have also tried some exotic fruits, like kiwis and papayas. I wanted to do something simple and stay away from the dairy. So I got some grapefruit juice, some orange juice, and made a nice little Zoku pop.

You will need two containers that are easy to pour out of. You will also need a way to look inside the Zoku as you are pouring it, so if you have an overhead light that will be perfect. If not you can maybe have your kid or hubby hold a flashlight so you can see inside the Zoku as you pour in the liquids.

Grapefruit and Orange juice Zoku (makes 1 pop)

1 oz grapefruit juice

1 oz orange juice

Pour a little bit of orange juice into the Zoku, wait a bit until it freezes. Then add a bit of grapefruit. You are trying to create a layer here. Repeat the process, alternating the juices, until you come to the top. Wait a while, pop it out, and enjoy your pop!

You can also blend the juice together to make one pop.  I tried both, and liked both.  Simone tried both and liked the blended one.  She chowed down the blended one, while she had one bite of the layered pop and said no.

Simone loves the Zoku pop maker so much that she now asks, “when are we going to Zoku mummy?”

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