Recipe: How to make homemade yogurt

About a week ago I did a post on Flavored Yogurt vs. Plain Yogurt and one of the ideas I mentioned there was making your own homemade yogurt so that you are not ingesting loads of sugar, fructose, and chemicals.

Here’s a quick video on how to make homemade yogurt at home.  It’s very simple, quick and cheaper in the long run. All you really need is a ceramic container to set the yogurt, no fancy yogurt machines or thermometers etc.

Tip: One way to tell if the milk is at the right temperature for the yogurt to be added is to put your finger in the milk that has been cooling for 20 minutes after boiling. If it is lukewarm then you are good to go!

When making yogurt at home, you can use either whole milk, 2%, or 1%.  The type of milk will affect how creamy the yogurt is.  The time it takes for the yogurt to form varies based on the seasons.  During summers yogurt can be set in 4 hours or so, while during winters it can take upto 24 hours.

Here are some of the benefits of making yogurt at home:

1) It’s fresh!

2) There are no preservatives or any chemicals in the homemade yogurt.

3) You can add whatever you want to it once it is set ( fruits, preserves, honey, nuts etc..)

4) More probiotics in homemade yogurt than store bought yogurt.

5) It’s much cheaper than buying store bought yogurt.

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