Recipe: Lentil for first solid foods

In India once an infant has mastered the art of eating rice they give the infant lentil water.  Lentil water is basically the top water layer when lentils are cooked.  Inspired from that, I served my almost 6 month old, lentils with breast milk.  He ate it and couldn’t get enough of it.  Since this is the first time I gave him something other than mashed rice, I kept the lentils very simple.  As he gets a little older, I plan on adding turmeric etc to the lentils.

I choose Moong Dal or Split Green Gram or Mung Bean for his first lentil feeding because it is very light and easily digestible. I also have a small pressure cooker which makes cooking beans and lentils easy as it drastically reduces the cooking time.

Here’s the recipe:

¼ cup Yellow Moong Dal

1.5 cup water

Breast milk to dilute


1)       Add the washed lentil and water in a small pot and cook till the lentils are tender (approximately 15-20 minutes).

2)      Mash them with a fork and add breast milk to it to dilute. Alternatively you can add formula to the lentil to keep a familiar taste for the infant.

3)      Cool down and serve!

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