Recipe: Mangolicious Cream

Mango Cream Pop using Zoku

Mango Cream pop using Zoku

I am having a lot of fun with Zoku.  Today I made Mango Cream, pure and simple.  I love tropical fruits, especially mangoes.  I also love ice cream, but it is difficult to find ice cream that’s all natural. It makes sense when you look at the food chain and the various pieces that need to converge in order to put a product on a shelf in a grocery store.

That’s why I loved what I made today with Zoku.  I had a nice little mango pop using fresh and all natural ingredients.

Here’s what I made:

Ingredients : (Makes 2 zoku pops)

2 oz mango pulp

2 oz cream ( I used the heavy cream from Trader Joe’s)

½  teaspoon agave nectar ( adjust based on your preference)


1)      Mix all the ingredients to make a mango mixture

2)      Insert sticks into the molds and pour in the mango mixture till the fill line.

The verdict: This pop tasted just like ice cream!  It was yummy.

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  1. Jennie says:

    Yum! It really does taste like ice-cream!

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