Recipe: Mini lamb burgers with Kale


My new favorite leafy vegetable is Kale!  I didn’t grow up eating it or even knowing what it was (don’t ever remember  seeing it in India or Africa) but now I am smitten and am always finding ways to incorporate it in our family and Simone’s diet.  Kale has become the super power food given its high nutrient density. It provides more nutritional value for fewer calories than almost any other food around.

Here’s a recipe for mini lamb burgers that I made. Instead of lettuce I used Dinosaur Kale for the burger. Kale is a little bitter so not all children will gravitate towards but if you are offering it to your child use Dinosaur kale as it is slightly sweeter than the curly kale.

Ingredients (for lamb patties):

1 lbs ground lamb

½ large red onion

1 egg

1 teaspoon cumin powder

A small bunch of cilantro

Salt to taste

Ingredients (for assembling the burgers):

Dinosaur Kale

Cheese slice

Tomato slices

Whole wheat dinner rolls


1)      Dice the red onion.

2)      Cut the cilantro into small pieces

3)      Add the onion, cilantro, egg, cumin powder, salt to lamb and mix.

4)      Make small patties

5)      Heat a pan and put the lamb patties on the pan to cook.

6)      Assemble the burgers with a piece of Kale, Tomato slice, and a cheese slice.

I really like using dinner rolls as my burger bread as these rolls are small for the little hands to hold. Try it out and let me know how it went.

The verdict:  Simone had a few bites (5 bites) of the burger and then gave up. I am sure it is going to take introducing kale in many ways in order for her to develop a taste for it.

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