Recipe: Refreshing Watermelon Zoku Pop

Watermelon Zoku

Watermelon Multilayered Zoku

No other fruit says summer like the watermelon does both in the US and globally. With summer around the corner what better way to prepare for it than to make a watermelon Zoku.

Watermelon is 92% water and is a sweet juicy fruit. It has many health benefits ranging from helping with constipation to helping pregnant and menstruating women with bloating.  Watermelon does have a high glycemic index so this recipe is not suitable for diabetics.

This is a multilayered Zoku recipe using the natural sugar/sweetness of water melon.  In order to make multilayered pops you need to let each layer freeze before adding the next layer.

Here’s what the recipe (makes 1 pop):

1 oz Watermelon juice

½ oz Vanilla Soy Milk

½ oz 2% cow milk


1)      Add the watermelon juice first and let it freeze.

2)      Add the soy milk and let that freeze.

3)      Add the cow milk till the fill line and wait till the pop freezes.

The pop looked very appetizing with the different layers. I felt very refreshed after eating it. Simone said yummy, and it tasted good. She is starting to expect a zoku pop every day now J.  The fun thing about Zoku is that it is very easy to get your kids involved in making pops.  The machine is kid friendly and safe, there are no sharp edges so give the juices to your children and let them create their own zokus. Get them involved!

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