Recipe: Strawberry Delight Zoku

Strawberry Delight Zoku

Strawberry Delight Zoku

This is probably one of my least attractive Zoku (as you can see from the picture), but it was tasty nonetheless.  One issue I have with the Zoku maker is that the shape is blah, but the ease of making quick frozen pops on the fly triumph any shape/mold limitations. Although starting tomorrow I am going to try to focus on making pretty and yummy pops!

This is another Strawberry yogurt recipe.

Ingredients (makes 1 Zoku)

1 tbsp plain whole milk yogurt

1 tbsp milk

3 medium strawberries hulled and diced

1 tbsp honey

Instructions: Blend all the ingredients and fill the Zoku pop maker till the fill line.

Do you have a fun Zoku recipe to share?

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