Recipe: Vanilla Soy and Jelly Beans Zoku Pop

Vanilla Soy and Jelly Beans Zoku Pop

Vanilla Soy and Jelly Beans Zoku Pop

Day 3 of making Zoku recipes.  Today’s pops were not a big hit with the family and the kid.  I tried making pops using Vanilla Soy Milk and cut Jelly Beans.  I thought the bright colors of jelly beans inside the white translucent soy milk will make a dramatic pop.  It sure did! The pop was very pretty and looked very appetizing.  However, the jelly beans were FROZEN so it was difficult to eat them, but the pop itself was very delicious.

Here’s the recipe incase you want to try it.  Perhaps your experience is much better…

Ingredients: (makes 2)

4 oz Soy Vanilla Milk

10 Jelly Jeans of different color cut into quarters


1)      Toss a few Jelly Beans into the Zoku molds first.

2)      Add some Soy milk.  Alternate Jelly beans and Soy Milk and fill till fill line.

I am really excited about tomorrow’s recipes.  I am going to make Zoku pops using beetroot. Come back to see how that turns out.

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